Last Friday ArtWalk

For information about the upcoming Last Friday ArtWalk:

Please consult the Eugene Weekly.

How to submit artist information to Last Friday ArtWalk:

Email your Last Friday ArtWalk art show information directly to the Eugene Weekly by:

The Thursday prior to the Thursday before the last Friday of the month, by noon.

The sooner the better however, ESPECIALLY if you are hoping to submit photos of your work for potential extra coverage.

Email the Eugene Weekly calendar ( with your art show info precisely ordered/formatted as follows:
“Your show title” (if applicable), artwork medium, by (insert artist name here). Venue Name, Venue Address. Duration dates of your art show.

Please include in your email submission subject line that you are part of Last Friday ArtWalk.

Guidelines for submitting images to the Weekly

E-mailed photos should be reasonably reproducible in black and white, high contrast, at least 300 dpi and preferably at least 3″x5″.

Include 2 copies of the same image:

  • 1 Sized as large as possible at it’s original dimensions, 300 dpi for PRINT
  • 1 at 250 pixel wide by 250 pixels tall, 72 dpi for the WEB SITE

Venue bookers! Let your artists know when these deadlines are so they can, maybe, get some media coverage.

Questions? Email Last Friday ArtWalk (